How can you trail 5G when you don't even know what it is?

Where Are The 5G Patents?

This is a question, which my company often gets. If you are related to future of telecommunication, I'm sure this subject interests you as well.

Everyone believes 5G will find applications in our daily life, much faster than any of its predecessors. When a technology is going to affect us in our daily consumer use, I think it is going to be nasty patent wars. Where there are patents and money, there are more wars than friendship.

Very soon, companies would like to know who owns what part of 5G. But do you want to know this right now? I mean, how patents in 5G technologies spread across geography, their owners, and more importantly the patents that can become part of standards.

My company did some hard work to see which patents will fall under 5G. We went overboard (I think it is in culture!), did labor intensive hand check to make sure we find patterns and patents that will be missed by algorithms.

Now is the time to spread love, at 5G speeds.

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The report will go live in first week of May