Webinar: Where to Innovate Next in the 3D Metal Printing

115-512.png This webinar was aired on - 14th December | 10 AM PST

The 3D metal printing technology is evolving at a breakneck speed. The demand for the technology is high like never before. It’s because the aerospace industry has started using the additive manufacturing in their various process, GE is an example. The automotive industry is all set also.

Thus, in the future, this industry will be even bigger than present.

The competition in additive manufacturing is tough, however. Companies from world’s most industrialized nations – USA, UK, France, Netherland, etc. – are competing to offer better solutions.

To give you an example, behemoth like DMG Mori is using hybrid 3D metal printer to produce components of Porsche car. DMG Mori’s yearly revenue is greater than entire 3D metal printing industry.

Thus, the competition in the future is going to become fierce. Only those players will survive that know what and where to look to innovate first. Simply put, one who brings a breakthrough first will be a winner.

Many Research and Development heads, however, struggle to figure that breakthrough. Shikhar Sahni, AVP of Operations and Deepak Syal, Director, GreyB Services, in this webinar are sharing various methodologies that can help you figure out how to figure out the next breakthrough everytime to stay ahead to become an industry leader

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Who Should Attend?

  • R&D head, engineers, technicians involved in research and development of next gen additive manufacturing techniques

  • Companies interested in figuring out where they should channelize their research spending

  • Business leaders in 3D printing that want to formulate strategies to take their business to the next level


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