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      Updated findings: Who are the true 5G leaders after the essentiality check

      Amplified and GreyB collaborated to create the best-in-class report on 5G SEP. This is the first update on our findings. 


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      What's new in this update?

      We published the first 5G essentiality check report on May 26, 2020. You can read the first version of this report from here. Since then, we have received countless requests to publish the updated version.

      Well, it is a time consuming task and doing our best, at last we have completed it at least for all the 5G declarations made to 3GPP in 2019. This report covers 18,887 patent families declared to the ETSI 5G standard and adds an essentiality check analysis of ~4400 additional patent families compared to the previous report.

      GreyB is proud to once again partner with Amplified to get this information in the public domain. We made an effort to create free and open access to understand the SEP landscape of 5G in a very thorough manner.

      If there is one thing which makes this report most meaningful and comprehensive, it is the patent review process followed by GreyB. GreyB reviewed each patent manually to identify if the patent declared as 5G SEP by the company is truly essential or not.

      What’s inside this report?

      Introduction to 5G Standards, governing bodies, and the role of standards in innovation. 

      The current state of 5G SEPs and systemic challenges.

      Analysis of over 18,500 patent families and updated findings on the main players and essentiality.

      Insights found after analyzing the comparative growth of 5G vs 4G SEP declarations in the first five years.

      We also have a section describing our process and the specific technical specifications that we reviewed

      Is this report for you?

      1. Anyone who has interest in 5G technology?
      2. Researchers, Inventors, Technology Contributors to the 5G standards?
      3. Consultants, R&D department managers, CTO’s etc who are building products & services in the connected devices business?
      4. Anyone interested in licensing of patent rights in 5G space?
      5. Patent attorneys who have practice in communication technology or have clients in the industry impacted by 5G?
      6. Policymakers and Government officials who are developing policies and protocols for the 5G world of business?
      7. Investment bankers, Fund managers etc. who are investing in companies affected by 5G technology?
      8. Business leaders who are invested in technology in diverse industries like telecommunication, retail, manufacturing, energy, automobiles, healthcare, IoT etc.

      Ready to dive deep into the findings?

      1. Read the report and get back to us with detailed feedback.
      2. This report is a living resource and will be updated again. More insights & findings, new data & patent filings, industry updates etc. will be constantly added. You’ve just got access to 5G Report 2.0 and we assure you that more volumes are in line.


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      Describe the patent review process of this report?

      Experienced patent researchers at GreyB read (i.e. a manual review) each and every patent which is part of 5G submission. After careful and detailed review, a judgement is made to identify which patent is truly essential to the 5G standard.

      This by far is the most exhaustive review process (higher accuracy) in the industry on 5G patents. 

      Specific details on process, methodology, data sources etc.  are disclosed in the report.

      GreyB & Amplified

      Over the last 18 years, GreyB has established itself as the top provider of patent research and technology consulting. GreyB believes high quality patents are central to business strategy. 

      With 5G technology the way we communicate will change. Many industries from mobile, automobiles, retail, entertainment, consumer electronics, healthcare, manufacturing etc. are going through paradigm shifts in their business because of 5G. While 5G creates new opportunities and revenue streams for companies, it also poses threat to current business models.

      5G Patents will be key to define the new industry landscape. GreyB partnered with Amplified to release a series of reports on the landscape of 5G. 

      There's more that's coming

      Our research continues and we are uncovering the 5G SEP space layer by layer. We intend to make our new findings and insights live by publishing the next version of this report soon. Want us to notify you as soon as we make that live? Sign up below:  

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