Arla Foods: A deeper look at their patent portfolio

Arla Foods is a growing name in Dairy industry. We deep-dived into Arla Foods’ patent portfolio to uncover their innovation in various food products targeting certain medical conditions, sustainable dairy productions, food packaging, as well as transportation.

Are you interested in finding out:

  • How Arla Foods' patent portfolio is growing and what key innovations are they protecting?
  • What product range and medical conditions are they working on?
  • What exact problems are they trying to solve and how are they solving them?

Key highlights from our findings: 

  • About 48% of patents in Arla Foods' portfolio are design patents. These cover design of food/dairy packaging, trolleys, Bottles, and logos.
  • ITC Packaging has been a partner in designing some of the dairy packaging for Arla foods.
  • Low sodium cheese seems to be the new focus of the cheese section at Arla foods.
  • In recent years, the company is targeting obesity, diabetes, and immunity. Many of the recent patents are the result of a joint venture between Arla and a Chinese dairy company China Mengniu Dairy. This hints at Arla Foods’ expansion plan in China with the help of Mengniu dairy.

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