115-512.png This webinar was aired on - 28th October | 10 AM PST

Are you wondering what is in there for you in this webinar? Below are the few among many questions this webinar answers: 

  • How IP law firms can attract potential clients? 
  • How IP law firms can convey their pitch in a way that best describes their strength? 
  • How IP law firms can identify the weakness or pain points of their clients before approaching them? 
Simply put: 
  • How IP law firms can boost their revenues and minimize their efforts spent on business development? 

Business development for a law firm is nowhere similar to traditional sales process. It involves multiple touch points and could run for months and sometimes takes years to close a deal.

In most of the IP law firms – whether large or small – partner and senior associates are responsible for business development for which, in general, they are expected to devote 20-30 hours a month. Hence, an IP attorney conducts seminars, hosts lunches, participates in RFPs – hit a 15 years high in 2015, and writes article in a hope to open a new file.

These activities bear fruits, however, are time consuming and difficult to analyze. As a result, attorneys miss their proper analysis and hence continue investing efforts in these activities which, more often than not, become wasted efforts.

The low conversion at the end frustrates an attorney as he could rather be practicing law and adding hours in his billable work. Further, these multiple touch points with an existing client that don’t address his needs confuse him.

With that in mind, we crafted a business development strategy that helps a partner or senior associate at an IP law firm find new clients and open new files with existing clients. This strategy, unlike the traditional strategy, saves an attorney load of time. Also, an attorney can analyze his efforts to find out what is continuously working and is repeatable.

Deepak Syal, Director GreyB, shared this unconventional business development strategy for an IP law firm through this webinar on 28th October 2016.  You can, however, register yourself to get the recordings. 

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