File Wrapper Analysis for Intelligent & Efficient Prosecution

Patent prosecution can turn very bad. Repeated rejection/response cycles can burn years of time and tens of thousands of dollars, providing little tangible result beyond busted budgets and frustrated clients.

However, by leveraging the treasure trove of data in publicly accessible file wrappers you can take control over even the most difficult cases.

In this webinar Julie McConihay and William Morriss, both seasoned patent prosecutors, shared their experience and techniques for using file wrapper analysis to stop prosecution from going bad and limiting the damage if it does.

This will be of interest to anyone prosecuting difficult applications, as well as by people who manage that prosecution and need to do so in a way that makes effective use of their limited resources.  

You'll come away with insights for how to leverage the collective experience of the entire patent bar to intelligently and efficiently get the best results for your clients.

Specific topics covered in this session:

  • How to minimize the impact of repeated rejection-response cycles?
  • How to develop strategies for interacting with difficult examiners?
  • How to learn from other people's experience rather than having to make and learn from your own mistakes or reinvent the wheel?

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Webinar was aired on:

10th December 2019 | 10 AM PST

Make your prosecution processes intelligent and efficient.

Meet the hosts

William Morriss

William Morriss

Co-founder and Senior Technology Advisor for IP Toolworks, LLC

William S. Morriss is co-founder and Senior Technology Advisor for IP Toolworks, LLC. His legal and technical insight have played a formative role in the company’s quest to achieve new insight and more efficient practice in patent prosecution by harnessing technology to unlock historical and siloed knowledge.

William is a member at Frost Brown Todd, LLC, where he has over a decade of experience as an IP attorney. Through his practice, he has focused on the patenting and licensing of software implemented inventions, Blockchain, privacy and data security. He is a consistent innovator and has received a patent (U.S. Pat. No. 8,589,306) for open source licensing technology.

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Julie McConihay

Julie McConihay

Managing Associate @ Frost Brown Todd LLC

Julie is a patent attorney at the law firm of Frost Brown Todd, and focuses her practice in the areas of patent preparation and prosecution in the both the United States and globally; development and management of IP strategies, preparing freedom to practice and patentability opinions as well as reviewing and negotiating a variety of IP related agreements.

Prior to joining Frost Brown Todd, Julie served as counsel for the Intellectual Property practice at The Procter & Gamble Company for nine years. She also spent time at the University of Cincinnati where she was a research associate in the Department of Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine.

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