Here’s how you can identify standard essential patents in your portfolio

If you’re someone who manages a telecom portfolio of 500+ patents, or want to use your patents in cross-licensing with ICT companies or Telco, I’m sure having your patents listed in SEP pools might be one of your biggest goals. After all, standard essential patents are no less than a golden egg laying goose. 

But are you sure you're aware of all of the standard essentials within your portfolio? It’s easy to find when you have a few hundred patents but when dealing with a healthy portfolio of thousands of patents, finding out potential SEPs from them is not only exhausting, there is hardly any efficient way to do it. 

In my years of experience of working in the Telecom industry, I have helped a lot of clients in finding SEPs in their portfolio. 

Me and my team recently uncovered the real figures and owners of Core 5G Standard Essential patents after analysing more than 12000 patents declared to ETSI standards. The report is one of the most accurate depictions of 5G SEP ownership in the market to date, and was appreciated by dozens of media houses and many Telecom giants. 

Now, in this webinar, me and my colleague Arindam shared a few tips as to how we help our clients identify standard essential patents within their portfolios. These strategies will help you spot SEPs in even large portfolios of 1000+ patents, efficiently and effectively.

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Aired on - 13th August 2020 | 6 PM UTC

Meet our hosts

Muzammil Hassan

Muzammil Hassan

Manager @ GreyB Services

Muzammil works towards providing licensing opportunities to top companies. He has worked with individual inventors as well as big corporates and helped them get million dollar valuations for their patent portfolio(s).

His expertise lies in IP licensing and litigation consulting in the technologies like telecommunications, internet technologies, operating systems, networking, storage, etc. He and his team are passionate about solving real world IP problems and help their clients grow. When he is not working on IP, you can find him in a basketball court or watching some cool TV series.

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Arindam Som - GreyB

Arindam Som

AVP @ GreyB Services 

Arindam has a rich experience of 9+ years in helping clients see patterns/information that are hidden in vast data and derive actionable insights from the same. He has worked with a diverse range of clientele, like individual inventors, lawyers, startups and large corporates. And, helped them find documents in 3GPP standards, licensing opportunities, decide business strategies via prior-art search, SEP study, EoU charting, portfolio analysis, market research etc.

He particularly excels in Hi-Tech areas such as Telecommunications, Semiconductor, FinTech, E-commerce, IIoT etc. and Low-Tech areas such as Dairy or Packaging Industry. A couple of particular focus areas of Arindam are Telecommunication Standards (dealing with SEPs) and Next-Gen Enabling Technologies (AI, AR/VR, Cloud, IoT, etc.). Outside work, he is a avid consumer of TV series, movies, podcasts, and sometimes attempts to be a master-chef :P

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-------- Featured Whitepaper ---------

Where are core 5G Standard essential patents and who owns them?

A report that uncovered the true state of 5G SEP ownership and real numbers of Core standard essential patents. This report was cited by dozens of leading media houses like Bloomberg, IAM Magazine, Yahoo! Finance, Telecoms. 

Find out the real picture of 5G innovation race through this report. 

  • Introduction to 5G Standards, governing bodies, and the role of standards in innovation.
  • The current state of 5G SEPs and systemic challenges.
  • Analysis of over 12,000 patent families and and findings on the top companies and their contribution to essential patents.
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5G SEP report