How to use reverse engineering to confirm patent infringement when other sources fail?

When it comes to finding licensing opportunities, proving infringement can become challenging when online available information fails to tell you enough about targeted products. 

In such cases, litigators and patent licensing experts often takes the leap of faith and settle for whatever overlap they find, which increases their chances of losing actual monetization potential of their patent by not finding a complete overlap. 

In such cases, where online literature fails to provide you enough evidence of infringement, reverse engineering could help you strengthen your case and extract maximum ROI of your patent

How reverse engineering helps you in patent monetization?

  • Can help you find the missing pieces in your infringement searches (cases where online literature was not sufficient to find a complete product/patent overlap)

  • Cases where Claim/claim elements are such that they are not discussed in literature

  • When you don’t have a reliable/authentic source for infringement evidence. (However, the court requires strong proof, so evidence collected from RE will be hard to refute)

  • Reverse engineering can help you find products that can act as a prior art (when you're representing a defendant)

Over the years, we have helped many clients in their infringement cases where online literature was not fruitful enough. With this webinar, we are going to share our learning and experience with you as well. 

Join Anoop, our expert in managing infringement cases who loves working on RE projects, and see how we have helped patent managers, licensing experts, counsels, and litigators, get maximum ROI on their patents in licensing.

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This webinar was aired on:
26th February 2020 | 10 AM PST | 6 PM GMT

Meet our hosts

Anoop Chauhan

Anoop Chauhan

Manager @ GreyB Services

Anoop is an expert in patent analytics and infringement searches. From past 8 years, he has helped patent managers, licensing experts, counsels, and litigators, monetize patents. 

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Deepak Syal

Deepak Syal

Director @ GreyB Services 

Deepak is responsible for overall client delivery out of our India and Singapore research centers. Deepak’s forte is in building world-class engineering teams for our business operations. 

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