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What will you get from this role?

  1. In the span of 2-3 years working in this role, you would learn and accrue skills that major B-schools would kill to have in their candidates.
  2. Using your engineering expertise, you will be directly involved in advising clients on solutions for their problem and have the chance to be a thought leader in the industry.
  3. You will be given the chance to learn and get involved with upper management in designing major marketing/ sales campaigns, and be responsible for its successful implementation.
  4. You will learn to think like a CEO

Before you think it's easy and gets super excited and start filling the form, scroll below to read full description: 

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This is an opportunity for Tech savvy freshers or engineers who want to move into a role which combines technical expertise as well as business acumen.

Have you ever wanted to use your engineering expertise and analytical capabilities to pursue a role where you could drive business growth for your company?

This is your chance to learn and take part in building client relationships, setting up marketing activities and conveying insights to upper management to help them make strategic business decisions.

Note: This is not a marketing role. If you do not like reading about and understanding complex concepts across various technology domains – this is not a right fit for you.

What are the qualities we are looking for? 

The candidate we are looking for would have an ideal mix of the following qualities:

  1. Quick on the uptake – You should be a fast learner adept at grasping new concepts and technologies across a variety of cross domain areas (Electronics/ Life sciences/ Industrial/Communication, etc) , as well as quickly adapt to changing situations.
  2. Creative Thinker – You should have the flair to innovate and create, even with minimal input and resources.
  3. Problem Solver – You should have the ability to quickly use logical approaches to solve real life and business problems.
  4. Perseverant – You should be ‘hell-bent’ on achieving goals, no matter how much you get beat down.

What are the skills you should have?

  1. Excellent written and spoken English skills.
  2. Ability to articulate and communicate your thoughts effectively - verbally and also on paper.
  3. Basic MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel skills

Educational Qualification- Bachelor of Technology (Any stream)

"This is going to be some serious shit, I better be convinced I want to do this."

GreyB is helping decision makers in R&D groups with analyzed information that can assist in making better (data driven) & faster decisions.

GreyB is a services company with solutions like technology trend analysis, competitors and industry scanning, plotting technology white spaces, scouting leads for new tech and partners or suppliers for the tech.

Summary of Job Function

  • Work closely with customers (Patent Attorneys/ IP Counsels) and build a comprehensive understanding of customers’ business and functional needs in order to propose customized solutions based on your technical expertise, and GreyB’s capabilities in the area of Intellectual Property Support Services and Patent Research & Analytics.
  • Through secondary research and business insights, advise and support the sales team in the sale of IP services.
  • Build close working relations with customers so that you are the ‘go-to’ person for solving their problems.
  • Work with Operations team to track and monitor status of customers project. Act as ‘inside customer’ to Ops and make sure customer expectations are being met.
  • Collaborate with Sales/ Marketing teams to design and implement targeted Sales/ Marketing strategies.


Important tips to keep in mind when applyingWhen submitting your Resume and cover letter, remember – hundreds of others are applying as well. Use your creativity to make your letter and resume stand out. (This is your first test!)

{Hint – Businesses are built on providing ‘value’ to customers. In your cover letter, show how you can add value to GreyB. Additional Hint – Read up on the internet on ‘effective email writing’ or ‘effective article/blog writing’ before writing your letter}

Join GreyB and Welcome to the sexy world of IP (Intellectual Property) which is based on innovation, cutting edge technology and long term strategy for the intangible assets of an organization.

Awesome chance to stand out of the masses and make your own way!

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