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Here is what we expect from you and what you can expect from us!

If you're a passionate storyteller, love crafting writing piece with the reader as a priority, and have a curious mindset, then we're looking for you.

If you nodded your head in affirmation, we would like to extend you an offer to be a part of one of the toughest marketing campaigns where you try to persuade some of the finest brains of this planet through your creativity and ingenuity.

As a marketing associate, you will be responsible for understanding customer behavior, molding content into campaigns they would love, and finding and using the channels to distribute them far and wide to generate results for GreyB.

If you give the above paragraph a thought, you will find that we aren’t looking for a “writer”. Writing is going to play a big part, and you have to be good at it. However, besides writing you have to become good at understanding human psychology, improvisation, on the fly innovation, and knack to solve problems. 

In essence, this is your chance to put your writing skills + creativity + ingenuity + knowledge of how people behave to test.

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