Are You Monetizing Patents Infringed by Companies not from Your Domain?

115-512.png  Airing on 27nd March | 10 AM PST | 5 PM GMT 

Last week, while talking to a large corporation with a sound IP department, I found they were well informed regarding what their competitors are doing and what technology they are working on. They didn’t need any help on their core technological area.

When I asked them would you be interested in knowing few things that you don’t know. I got an answer to be more specific? I replied with an example where an IP head finds companies that aren’t his competitors but are using his patented technologies?” The Head of IP was surprised as they never explored such a strategy and was ready to hear more on it.

And in this webinar, I will be sharing the strategies I shared with him which I believe could be of great help to a lot of patent counsel.


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