Building and Managing Your Patent Portfolio

Most Startups, SMEs, as well as large Enterprises come to a stage where they find they need patents to sharpen their competitive edge. They reach or aspire to reach a level of success where the intellectual property (IP) becomes a necessity, but patent portfolio development is perplexing.

Unfortunately, building and managing your IP is a topic that is neither taught in business nor engineering school. What makes the situation worse is that unlike other areas of business – marketing, sales, finance, etc. – there are no readily available management tools or workflows to build, grow, and manage patents.

Most decision-makers resort to hiring a patent attorney or law firm to help them solve the conundrum which is an expensive way to go about developing a patent portfolio and may miss entirely the strategic goals of your enterprise.

Bottom Line: Decision makers at these companies get overwhelmed with cost as well as the process involved in implementation of a patent program.

If what we discussed above sounds like your concerns, join Tom Franklin, Co-founder of Triangle IP and a seasoned patent attorney with more than two decades of experience in building and managing patent portfolios of SMEs and large enterprise.

In the session, Tom discussed:

  • Why patents are important to an incumbent/start-up/SME?
  • How to craft a patent strategy that complements your business?
  • What patents really cost and how can you avoid spending half of your fortune on them?
  • And most importantly, how to select the right patent counsel who understands the nuances of your business?

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18th December 2019 | 1 PM EST | 11 AM MST

Get started with building a meaningful patent portfolio

Tom Franklin - Triangle IP

Tom Franklin

Co-founder @ Triangle IP 

Tom Franklin is a thought leader in development of innovation capture programs and other intellectual capital management tools. He practices as patent prosecution partner at a top firm with two decades of experience in the patent area. Tom joined Triangle IP to demystify patent protection to democratize participation in the innovation economy. 

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