Is it really the end of Hoverboards?

The Hoverboard market which was once riding high on a rising wave of popularity in celebrity and popular culture fell back to the earth in June 2015 when Shane Chen started filing patent infringement lawsuits against a number of manufacturers and importers.

This led to a number of Fed raids at exhibitions to seize knock-off Hoverboards. Even Amazon banned HoverboarUS08738278-20140527-D00000.pngds from its marketplace.

News emerged in November 2015 that Razor had bought the rights to Shane Chen’s patent. Right now, Razor seeks to be the only manufacturer of Hoverboards in the US.

However, now, the question is – Is Shane Chen’s patent strong enough? Will its novelty hold true against a full-fledged Invalidation search?

With that question in mind, we conducted a preliminary analysis on US8738278B2 and came up with a few interesting observations on where (and why) we may find a relevant prior.