4 Cases where we helped our clients monetize patents using Reverse Engineering

One of the major challenges faced by patent licensing managers and in-house counsels is to find and prove evidence of an infringement. Not so strong evidence of use charts can become a standalone factor for the failure of a patent licensing program.

Reverse engineering can help confirm patent infringement by mapping relevant claims to the result of a product teardown. And a patent infringement can be confirmed when the publicly available literature has already been exhausted. 

In this whitepaper, we are sharing 4 cases where we helped our clients prove infringement and monetize their patents using reverse engineering. 

Cases discussed in the whitepaper: 

  1. Tear down of a semiconductor chip to prove patent infringement

  2. How we Performed Reverse engineering of an OLED Display to Confirm Infringement?

  3. Electrical Signal Analysis to Reverse Engineer the various processes happening inside a smartphone.

  4. And when Reverse Engineering didn't confirm Infringement - How we still helped our client monetize their patent?

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