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Hang on. Don't apply blindly

Read this to understand what you are getting into:

  1. Day 1 - Auto stabilizing hand movement;  Day 2 - sensor placement in autonomous devices during haboobs;  Day 3 - Galectin-targeting therapeutics. These terms are not to confuse you. Job will require the ability to manage engagements in an insane variation of technology subjects and with customer profiles, who are subject matter experts in their field. You are expected to dance with variation of technology subjects than fear it. Engineering background so that reading technology is not painful is point 13 of the survival guide here.
  2. Good communication skills is a cliche for a job offer. The requirement is clear and we will not dodge it. You need exceptional written skills, a natural flair of copywriting and great verbal skills.  It is often said, if you leave GreyB sales, you probably can be a best selling author in the fiction category (Makes me laugh every time I read it). Please do not apply if communication skills are not your strength.
  3. You don't define your work hours. We don't define your work hours. Your client decides your work hours. The job requires working long and odd hours.
  4. Problem solving skills are never overrated. There are no simple tasks in this job. Your job will be to figure out things which are unsaid, not written in the words you expect, and decision making based on the gut feeling & intuition into human psychology.
  5. A question to ask yourself (before you apply) - how I’m going to contribute to the cultural growth of the company? The culture code requires a friendly and thoughtful approach to work. Most people can't prove this (how will you prove in an interview?). But we are going to ask you to prove this (I am sorry this is deal breaker).

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