Become GreyB's Business Development Manager

Here are the required skills that we are looking for:

  1. 6+ years of the B2B sales experience specially in the international market.
  2. Discipline to work in a services selling environment with aptitude to sell value
  3. Experience in selling KPO services to North American clientele is distinct advantage.
  4. Ability to drive the sales cycle end to end, from RFQ to closure.
  5. Excellent communication skills and ability to network within client´s organization and access decision makers.
  6. Understand client business mandate and pain points through solution selling strategies.

Before you think it's easy and gets super excited and start filling the form, scroll below to read full description: 

Become a GreyBian

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"This is going to be some serious shit, I better be convinced I want to do this."

GreyB is helping decision makers in R&D groups with analyzed information that can assist in making better (data driven) & faster decisions.

GreyB is a services company with solutions like technology trend analysis, competitors and industry scanning, plotting technology white spaces, scouting leads for new tech and partners or suppliers for the tech.

Well that is how we define the job and now let’s describe how a candidate should read this job:

  1. This is going to be some serious shit, I better be convinced I want to do this. Clearly, I will need to run enterprise sales campaigns with highly qualified people (the R&D heads of industry leading companies) where communication skills will matter a lot. Not only, how fancy my spoken English is but the content of my talk or email will be ultra important. Better I not apply if I am unsure how prospects at such positions talk, think, what they read, how they respond and more importantly on what factors they make decisions or get influenced.
  2. I will need to run a longer sales cycle (very much a value driven sale) with a consultative approach (man, this approach sounds glamorous but this is tough nut). Better I not apply if I truly don’t know how to sell value first and price later otherwise I will struggle once I am in.
  3. The service solutions to sell described in Job Description has a hidden message: this job will require a close coordination with technical teams on one hand, who will raise their issues on why cost should be 10X and the client on other side being nebulous with requirements, after all he is R&D head and would like to dilute the disclosure of his core technology. I will be the bridge and will face heat from both sides.

Let us redefine some aspects of the job: The is a 'cut and dry' sales job with singular focus: connect with as many prospects in the R&D departments of corporations, build rapport in telephonic and email conversations and perform the sales dance of mapping their requirements with the solutions we got to enable a deal win.

What is sales department to our company?

Our sales people are the face of the company. We are searching for the candidates to join our sales team in Chandigarh location (the beautiful city of India). Sales people to us are the starting point of creating meaningful connections every day with our customers.

Working at GreyB is different from any other job because we rarely ask you to choose between long, smart or hard work - it is minimum of the two. Our ambitious sales team is suited for individuals who are looking for (1) immense learning on consultative or relationship based selling OR (2) hunter approach to the client acquisition team.

Simply put, we are looking for candidates to fill in the ‘Client Engagement’ position, who will connect with our customers to turn them into happy customers and foster a deep sense of purpose of working with GreyB (very core philosophy of our sales team).

The work of Client Engagement team goes beyond communicating a handcrafted message or service; it’s about creating a human connection with every customer.

Area(s) of expertise desired: Sales, Business Development, Client Engagement, Account Manager, Relationship Building, B2B Sales, Enterprise Selling, Solution Selling, Inside Sales, Excellent email skills

Summary of Job Function:

  1. The candidate will be responsible for selling of services dealing in niche area of Intellectual Property Research and Analytics. For us, each assignment from a client is unique in scope, topic, deliverable, and time frame. {Message - the number of projects are more vs single high dollar deal}
  2. The target audience is a mixture of existing old clients and newly acquired clients, who are based out of North America (USA and Canada) and Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden). {Message - Proven ability to both manage existing clients but also in prospecting new clients}
  3. The candidate will be running sales initiatives to manage repeat work from the old clients, work diligently to help convert the first time buyers of our services into repeat clients, follow up on feedback about service that helps to create happy customers. {Message - Engaging with a client that is aware of us will occupy majority of the work}
  4. For initial few months, senior management at GreyB will provide support and knowledge to you in connecting with clients, helping you prospect new clients, support you with industry knowledge. {Message - Don't fear the industry - we will make you comfortable. We don’t expect you to be from IP industry}
  5. Ability to run discovery sessions (support of tech team provided) with customers while managing and leading the sales cycle to close a deal. A distinct advantage in the candidate’s profile is ability to articulate analytic solutions in terms of ROI to the customer {Message: this job requires consultative selling mindset}
  6. The candidate will be interacting with top-level executives at R&D departments. Organizations targeted as clients will have hierarchy with different stakeholders, decision makers and administrative staff. The candidate needs to have experience and self-confidence to chalk out the structure and build associations with the influencers, consumers and approval authority. You will liaise between customers and cross-functional internal teams to ensure the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to customer needs {Message – Polished approach to mapping the hierarchy of organization buying our services is must}
  7. The candidate should be highly skilled in interacting with the clients over phone and emails (good content on emails is one of the most valued skill at GreyB). As we work in the outsourcing industry - we expect high number of connects and interactions on Phone and Email vs in person meetings. {Message – If you feel that you have not interacted significantly with individuals from North American and European community on phone and emails, we discourage you to apply for this job}
  8. The candidate will fill in daily, weekly and monthly sales sheets to create tracking of his accounts and very frequent discussions with the manager. You will be also involved in CRM software based updates to keep a tab on pulse of the client that is shared with the manager. Communicate clearly the progress of monthly/quarterly initiatives to internal and external stakeholders. Manage and track customer engagement and activity through established sales processes and systems as well as keeping customer account data current and accurate. {Message – The founders of company love numbers and trust numbers}

We're young enough to believe that anything is possible, yet experienced enough to know that business outcomes matter. Intelligence and the ability to get work done are two important traits we look for in all candidates.

Some questions coming to your mind maybe answered with following:

YES, the job requires to be working in the evening hours | YES, the job requires being available on e-mails for larger part of the evenings | YES, the job involves international travelling | YES, the job involves lot of time on phone and emails

NO, the job doesn’t require any core IP background | NO, the job doesn’t require you to be engineer or with a technical background | NO, the job isn’t a soft, behind the curtains type pre sales support or any element of marketing job

A note: You don’t create impact by the industry knowledge, years of experience, academic certificates, but, how well you articulate your belief, your goals and more importantly, your failures.

Why to submit a vanilla C.V.? Make an effort to draft a message (no old format cover letter) and tell us why you are valuable to us.

One last time, we need following key skills:

  • Great email skills.... I mean really good with emails and software dealing with emails.
  • Proven experience of full sales cycle management i.e. from prospecting to account mining.
  • Proven experience of dealing with C-level executives (in USA and Europe) and selling services to them.