Strategies + Tools To Make IDS Filing Process Free Of Hassle And Cost Effective

Leverage automation and technology to save your prosecution time and money spent on managing IDS and references. 

Honeywell Vs Nest is an epitome of how slight errors in the IDS could hurt the reputation of both an in-house prosecution team and a Law firm.

The problem: Applicants submits IDS to the USPTO to satisfy duty of disclosure. IDS is a time consuming aspect of patent prosecution managed by using a docketing system or spreadsheets.

That said, most of the docketing or IP Management systems are not one size fit for all. On top of that, higher cost of available dedicated tools doesn't justify the spend. Besides, they come with integration challenges.

In this session Geetika Dube shared the tried and tested strategies and smart tools she uses for automating IDS filings for our clients. Goes without saying, she does that at a cost that justifies the ROI.

Here's what Geetika shared in this webinar:

  • What are the various challenges in IDS management?
  • How your law firm or corporate clients can be impacted?
  • How to reduce the risk involved in IDS management?
  • How to reduce the operational costs in IDS management by leveraging automation?
  • How can you use smart IDS management strategies to make it profitable and make your firm standout? 

Save your team's effort and time spent on managing IDS filings and references. 

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7th February 2020 | 10 AM PST | 11 AM MST

Geetika Dube

Geetika Dube 

Manager @ GreyB Services

9 years in GreyB gave me the opportunity to work with cross-departmental project teams, analyzing large amount of patent data to uncover relationships, trends and patterns which helped our clients in strategic and informed decision making.

My expertise lies in Trademark searches, Design searches and Computational & Empirical IP Research.

From past 4 years I have been closely working with the Product Development team in building IP custom tools and applications that help decision makers in planning and strategizing their IP practice.

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