An Unconventional Business Development strategy for IP Law Firms

115-512.png  Aired on 29th March | 10 AM PST | 5 PM GMT


Join Deepak Syal, Director Patent Operations at GreyB, and Vikas Jha, Manager at IP Solution, GreyB, for our upcoming webinar, An Unconventional Business Development Strategy for IP law firms.

Attend this webinar to learn a rather unconventional method compared to the traditional BD methods followed by law firms. You will learn to leverage the prosecution data to:

  • Identify how you can make your current clients increase your work
  • Identify potential leads that really need your services
  • Attract new clients without you going after them like a sales person
  • Avoid conflict of interest

A personal note from Deepak Syal

It took 10 years for companies to understand the benefits of shifting to Cloud technology. There are many that are still in the process of shifting. However, the companies that were the early adopters and used the cloud as part of their business, are way ahead than their competitors.

Same is the case with data. Amazon and Google are way ahead of their competitors because they have been using data to cater their users better for a long time which their competitors are incapable of.

Now this is a question that we all have to answer – Are we going to be an early adopter or continue with traditional strategies and later try to compete with people that have been using data to provide valuable insights to their clients.


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