115-512.png  Aired on 22nd February | 10 AM PST

If you’re having a hard time determining if you should attend this webinar or not, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are researchers aware if the new drug formulation we are working on can be under threat of the newly modified claims of a competitor’s patent application?
  2. Do I know the chances of a competitor’s patent application on a drug dosage getting granted? (how does the application stand up against previous rejections on similar applications)
  3. Am I aware if a competitor tries to build a patent fence around an API of my interest?
  4. Am I aware of anyone trying to develop generics for a competitor’s drug, in spite of the patent being in effect? (Para IV challenge filed on competitor’s patent)
  5. Are the monitoring alerts received by my researchers insightful enough to be actionable? (or are they just a data dump)

If you answered “no” to most of the questions, congratulations – this webinar is for you. If you answered “Yes” to most, this webinar will still be relevant to you because it will cover the how to’s of the following:

  • Instant alerts on critical events: Targeted and intelligent email alerts to relevant parties, upon any critical event taking place on the patent or drug at the USPTO/ FDA/ other news.
  • In depth patent prosecution details: Chances of an examiner granting an application, chances of competitor filing continuation/ divisional applications, family filing in new countries, etc.
  • Litigation awareness: Keep you abreast with latest news on patent litigation or para IV challenges happening on a patent.

Who should attend this webinar?

People in R&D: As they will learn how to get insights on what the competitors are researching and where you should focus your research on to have an edge

Product Managers: As they will learn how to get insights on the focus of competitors’ patent portfolio and its relation to their existing line of products.

Business Executives: As they will learn how to get insights on where the competition is trying to expand itself and key information like the partnerships competitors are getting into.

In-House IP Counsels: As it will make in-house IP-counsel aware on how to identify gaps in various technologies and where to channelize R & D activity to grow IP to stay at the top of business.

As Tim Fargo said, “Opportunity doesn't make appointments; you have to be ready when it arrives.” Hence, attend the webinar to learn how to keep a close eye on competitor to find arrival of an opportunity to maintain an edge.

 There’s a losing team, and a winning team.  Which do YOU want to be on?

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